Killer Stretch for Improved Overhead Press Flexibility [Video]


by Brandon in Mobility, Video Articles

If you are anything like me, your overhead flexibility sucks. Don’t sweat it, you are not alone. Poor overhead flexibility is a common problem that could be keeping you from pressing bigger weights overhead, and reaping all the benefits of overhead lifts. Elliott… → Read More

Paused Bench Reps for a Better Bench Press [Video]


by Katelyn in Powerlifting Articles, Video Articles

Connor Lutz, IPF world record bench press holder [403 Lb] in the 183 Lb class, has been featured by Jonnie Candito to give his opinion on why everyone should pause their bench repetitions on the chest. Connor believes it is… → Read More

How to – Deadlift Technique by Pete Rubish [Video]

deadlift lockout

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Pete shares a few technique tips, and tricks on performing the deadlift. He believes you need to be as explosive as possible while performing the deadlift. Pull your warm ups just as you would if you were doing a max…Keep… → Read More

Andrey Malanichev Answers Questions from Fans


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Andrey was kind enough to perform a live AMA on Reddit during his stay in New York this past week following his world record performance. Andrey currently hold the highest raww powerlifting total with 2469.1 Lb, and the heaviest raw… → Read More

Jeremy Hamilton Interview [Video]

Jeremy Hamilton 765x2

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Jeremy Hamilton is an elite powerlifter in the 220 pound weight class. He placed first last year (2013) at Raw Unity Meet 6 totaling nearly 2000 without knee wraps. That is, a 722 Lb Squat, 501 Lb Bench, and a… → Read More

How the Lats Help the Bench Press [Video]

Chris Duffin Bench

by Brandon in Powerlifting Articles

Chris Duffin made a video showing how the back, specifically the lats, can actually help press a barbell to lockout on the bench. He mentions one can strengthen the bench press by solely strengthening the lats. This may be a… → Read More

Deadlift Technique and Set Up by Richard Hawthorne [Video]

Richard Hawthorne Deadlift

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Richard Hawthorne joins team Animal in their “Big on the Basics” series providing viewers with deadlift technique, and set-up tips. Deadlift Set-Up When setting up for a deadlift, Richard believes the barbell should be moving in a straight line, and… → Read More

Bench Press Set-Up and Technique Tips by Garrett Griffin [Video]

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 6.26.11 PM

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Garrett “Gunz” Griffin teams up with Animal on their “Big on the Basics” series providing viewers with some tips on the bench press. The Bench Press Set-Up The Bench Press Arch When setting up for the bench press, Garrett recommends… → Read More

Get Smart or GTFO: Essentials for Smart Training

Páll Logason 793 Lb/360 Kg Deadlift

by Páll Logason in Powerlifting Articles, Strongman Articles

I just read a small article written by amateur strongman Ryan Burgess recently on He was giving beginners advice on what not to do when getting into the sport of Strongman. He counted five things he himself was guilty… → Read More

Mobility or Genetics? A Look Into Our Differing Bone Structures


by Brandon in Mobility, Powerlifting Articles

A new article suggests that maybe that difficult to achieve squat position is more than a mobility limitation, even for those who already have great mobility. There are several different variations of the hip joint, which most people do not… → Read More