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The Lilliebridge Method

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Experience: Advanced, Intermediate
Days per week: Five, Four, Three, Two
Equipment: Barbell, Bench Press, Squat Rack
Great for: Powerlifter
Focus: Full Body

Introduction to The Lilliebridge Method

The Lilliebridge Method is a fairly new routine released to the public, but has been utilized by the Lilliebridge family for quite some time. Eric Lilliebridge was the actual creator of the method during his teen years, and has been used by the Lilliebridge family along with several other elite powerlifters including Derek Kendall. The Lilliebridge Method ebook can be found on Team LilliebridgeIn the book the Lilliebridge’s go over specific weight percentages and set and reps that should be performed. The method is modeled over a ten week peaking period.

Is The Lilliebridge Method for you?

According to the Lilliebridge’s, the Lilliebridge method is great for athletes of all experience. The main focuses of the routine are the three main powerlifting movements; squat, bench press, and deadlift.

The Lilliebridge Method Explained

The Lilliebridge Method is a very simple training routine. Its main purpose is to peak you for an upcoming meet, but can be utilized for a regular training cycle. It is a 10 week training program that can have you training from two days per week up to five.

Weeks 9 and 10 will be different depending on your goal for the training cycle. If you are using the Lilliebridge Method to peak for a meet, week 10 will be the week of your meet. Weeks 9 and 10 will be deload weeks. If you are using the Lilliebridge Method for a regular training cycle, weeks 9 and 10 will be your max out weeks where you will be shooting for PR’s.

The Lilliebridge Method puts a lot of emphasis on rest and recovery. You will not be training each lift heavy each week. You will instead alternate heavy and light weeks. You will squat and deadlift on the same days throughout the cycle. One week you will squat heavy and deadlift light, the next you will alternate; squat light and deadlift heavy. Bench press works the same way; one week will be heavy, and the next week will be light.

 Week 1Week 2
Bench PressHeavyLight

There is a large amount of high rep accessory work included in the program for both upper, and lower body. Any accessory work is to be performed after your main sets.

The Lilliebridge’s prefer to train three days per week with a bench day that includes bench accessory work, a squat/deadlift day, and a squat/deadlift accessory day. The Lilliebridge’s state that choosing how many days to train per week is up to your personal preference.

Tips for The Lilliebridge Method

  • Rest and recovery are key!
  • Form and technique are everything.


Eric Lilliebridge created The Lilliebridge Method during his teen years through experimenting. After training for a while Eric discovered he was unable to recover from his previous workout. This is where the idea of alternating heavy and light days each week came from. Alternating heavy and lights days from week to week allow Eric proper recovery. And from there the whole family continued with the routine.

Team Lilliebridge Training Footage

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