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Cube Method

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Experience: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
Days per week: Four, Three
Equipment: Barbell, Bench Press, Squat Rack
Great for: Everyone, Powerlifter
Focus: Full Body

Introduction to The Cube Method

The Cube Method is a fairly new routine gaining popularity. This method was created, and has been used by Brandon Lilly himself. The Cube Method Ebook can be found on Amazon or JTS Strength. In the book Brandon goes over specific weight percentages and set and reps that should be performed during the cycle. His method is modeled over a three week period where you will work with heavy work, explosive work, and repetition work.

Is The Cube Method for you?

Sometimes referred to as “oldschool”, The Cube Method is all about basics. It focuses on the squat, bench, and deadlift, commonly referred to as the big three. Lifters of all experiences can train using this method.

The Cube Method Explained

The Cube Method focuses on three main training methods. It starts with heavy work, then explosive work, and finishes with repetition work. It is a 10 week training program that will have you training three or four days per week. Brandon Lilly prefers training four days per week, with the fourth day focusing on bodybuilding/accessory work. Week 10 will be considered your meet week. If you’re not competing, then week 10 will be considered a “mock meet” where you will attempt new PR’s. You will then base your next 10 week cycle off of your new PR’s.

 Week 1Week 2Week 3
DeadliftsHeavy WorkExplosive WorkRepetition Work
Bench PressExplosive WorkRepetition WorkHeavy Work
SquatRepetition WorkHeavy WorkExplosive Work

During the 10 week program you will go through waves. Each wave is 3 weeks for bench, squat, and deadlift. On week four you will recycle the wave. You will never train heavy on two lifts in the same week. After you perform your main lifts, pick 3-4 exercises and perform them bodybuilding style.

Brandon chooses Sunday as his bodybuilding or “recovery” day. During your bodybuilding day you will want to focus on your weaknesses. Pick a few exercises (3-4) that focus on your weak points and perform each exercise for roughly 8-20 repetitions. Brandon always adds in military presses and leg presses. You will want to perform these exercises with lighter weights and higher repetitions.

Tips for The Cube Method

  • In order to achieve optimal performance and results, all days should be treated equally.
  • Always stop one rep early, you never want to fail. A failed lift should always be due to technique breakdown.
  • On bodybuilding/recovery day, focus on your weaknesses.


Brandon Lilly created The Cube Method after spending hours in the gym and not seeing the results he wanted. After training the same way for the past 11 years, Brandon decided to start training the way he did when he first started going to the gym, bodybuilding style. He then figured out the last three pieces to the puzzle he calls The Cube, heavy work, explosive work, and repetition work.

Cube Method Video Preview

Brandon Lilly used this type of training to accomplish his largest raw total prior to the ebook’s release, 2204 Lb at Super Training Gym’s Backyard Meet of the Century on Novmber 3, 2012.

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