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German Volume Training

Demers, Jacques

German volume training applies very high volume to specific muscle groups. It is known to be brutally hard, yet effective at packing on lean muscle fast. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity or small numbers, this will bring you pain. It has been effective for many weightlifters and bodybuilders.


You shall gain but you shall pay with sweat, blood, and vomit, Comrade. – Pavel Tsatsouline

Arguably one of the most difficult squat routines around, the full Smolov demands 13 weeks, 3 and 4 days per week, high volume, heavy weights, high and low repetitions, and some squat days back-to-back! Suitable lifters can experience squat strength gains anywhere from 50 to 130 Lbs, if they can complete this brutal cycle. This routine is for squats, and squats only. Check out Smolov Jr. for a Smolov more suitable for other lifts.

Smolov Jr.


Smolov Jr. is a popular variant from the original Smolov squat cycle. The difference is, Smolov Jr. can be used in a variety of different lifts, and is only three weeks long.