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The Lilliebridge Method

Introduction to The Lilliebridge Method The Lilliebridge Method is a fairly new routine released to the public, but has been utilized by the Lilliebridge family for quite some time. Eric Lilliebridge was the actual creator of the method during his teen years, and has been used by the Lilliebridge family along with several other elite powerlifters including Derek Kendall…. → Read More

Does Overtraining Exist?

Editor’s Comment: “In 2012 at the Supertraining “Meet of the Century”, I overheard some conversation going back and forth between the Lilliebridges and Vince Urbank between deadlift warm up sets on the topic of overtraining. These guys were throwing around 5, 6, and 7 plates a side without breaking a sweat. It was unbelievable. So when… → Read More

Prohormones 101


Notice: This information is for entertainment purposes only. Always see your Doctor first for any medical questions and usage of supplements! I am not held responsible for your actions or use of supplements! Should I take prohormones? In my personal opinion, you should not take pro-hormones until at least 20 year old and have been lifting… → Read More

Ernie Lilliebridge JR Interview

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As a member of “the strongest family on the planet”, Ernie Lilliebridge JR does not disappoint. With lifts such as an 800 Lb Deadlift, 750 Squat, and 500 Bench, Ernie’s on his way to the top of his class. We are proud to present: Ernie Lilliebridge JR. LIFT: Can you tell us a little about… → Read More