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Like all other equipment, often wrist wraps suffer a similar fate.

Companies make them look nice from the outside, but once put to heavy use… they fall apart.

Maybe they are so flimsy they provide no real support – or the velcro pops off in the middle of a PR set.

Whatever the case, the culprit is almost always cheap and poor quality materials.

The fix is deceivingly simple, but it isn’t as cheap, and it isn’t as easy: don’t go cheap on the materials.

Our straps don’t pop off mid-set, they don’t rip apart, and they offer great support.

We use a proprietary elastic based off of feedback and testing from lifters like you.

They have the perfect amount of stretch for adjustable compression. They come in several lengths all the way up to the maximum legal 1 meter (or 39.3”) length.

Another overlooked but important detail to mention is our thumb loops.

Many companies sew your two wraps the same way, leaving you with two left (or right) wrist wraps.

Presumably to save time in production.

Great news! – If you have two left hands…

For the rest of us, having a dedicated left and right wrap is better. They provide a symmetrical wrap for both hands.

Last but not least: extra stitching and strong velcro so you don’t pop loose on your next PR attempt.

  • HIGHEST GRADE, HEAVIEST DUTY – Built to outlast any other wrist wraps on the market. Tested to perform in the most extreme conditions. Our wrist wraps are guaranteed to outperform and out-last even the most expensive wraps on the market.
  • TRUE LENGTH (We don’t count the velcro like other brands) – Commonly considered to be the perfect length. Higher levels of adjustability and more support when you need it compared to shorter wraps.
  • HEAVY DUTY ELASTIC – Gives unparalleled “casting” level support to immobilize the wrist. Extreme elastic longevity that doesn’t turn overly soft or stretchy. Can also be wrapped lightly to allow freedom of movement in the wrist joint – while still giving support with less restriction of blood flow when compared to more stretchy wraps.
  • BEEFY 1/2″ THUMB LOOP & TOP GRADE 2″ VELCRO – Lasts longer, doesn’t fray and snap. Each wrap has a designated Right & Left had for symmetrical wrapping. Our top grade velcro secures strong, and doesn’t pop loose mid set. We double zig-zag stitch our velcro, ensuring it doesn’t tear from the elastic.
How do I wrap my wrists?

Wrapping your wrists is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Secure the elastic thumb loop around your thumb

2. Wrap around your wrist across the back your hand so that the hook and loop is facing out

3. Wrap around your wrist being sure to cover from the lower wrist to the upper forearm while pulling taunt – secure with the hook and loop

Will these help my grip?

If you’re looking for something to help your grip during pulling exercises then these wrist wraps won’t help you too much! You’ll want to take a look at our lifting straps to aid your grip.

Our wrist wraps will help stabilize your wrists during bench press or squats.

Will these fit small hands/wrists?

These wrist wraps will fit wrists of all sizes! If you have smaller wrists you may want to order the 18” or 24” long wraps. The 36” long wraps may feel a little too bulky on your wrists, however they will still fit.

How can I wash these?

Remember these are elastic! Please do not wash these with warm or hot water and place them in the dryer; it will ruin the elasticity of your wrist wraps. If washing is necessary please hand wash with cool water, very light detergent and lay flat to dry.

Are these wrist wraps competition legal?

Our wrist wraps are made within competition specs. If your federation does not require equipment approval then yes they should be legal.

For federations that require equipment approval, we are currently approved in USPA, IPL, AAU, and USAPL local/state meets.

Currently pending IPF approval.

Always check with your federations rulebook just to be sure our wrist wraps fit within their rules!

Reviews (2)

  • Stoic Wrist Wraps

    Great quality, great price. Can’t complain. Over the years I’ve had some wraps from the big name companies, but these are my favorite so far. I’ll be checking out what else they have to offer.

  • Stoic Wrist Wraps

    Awesome product. Build quality, stiffness, pliability and material all seem superior or on par with competitors. For a fraction of the price no less. Performance-wise, I’ve usually gone with longer wraps, but I tried the 18″ this time, and I can say they definitely tighten up nicely and stay put fine. No need for the bulkiness of a longer length. I’ve used these on every lift the last few days and I can definitely say Stoic has a new regular customer.



Don’t just take our word for it!
Kenny Y
@yangkennyk simply has the best lifting gear available on the market. I've worn sleeves that are double the price and they don't even come close to these.

Dakota Z

The guys over at seriously never disappoint. The quality of every product is impeccable. If you haven’t gotten equipment from the yet, you’re slacking hardcore.

Kenny Y
@yangkennyk simply has the best lifting gear available on the market. I've worn sleeves that are double the price and they don't even come close to these.


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