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Not all sleeves are created equal. But why?

First – most actually cut corners in hard to see places.

The end result for you: rips, tears, minimal compression, and other issues.

End result for the company selling them to you: higher profit margins.

Commonly, problems can occur within just a few sessions of heavy abuse because the design can’t stand up to heavy training.

That’s why we took our time – years – to develop a sleeve that:

  1. Will not rip apart
  2. Will not stretch out
  3. Will provide real support & compression
  4. Will continue to do so for years – while selling at an honest price point.

During that time we gathered feedback, making constant tweaks and changes from our lifters whom opted in for testing.

We asked our participants… tested and retested, and honed in every detail…

The fit, the stiffness, the finish, the stitching, the warmth, the compression, the shape, on and on.

Honestly, it took forever and as a result we were much later to market than we wanted to be.

In the end we succeeded in creating a robust sleeve with special attention given to every small detail with our lifter’s feedback as our guide.

With it’s unapologetically simple (patent pending) construction there’s no real weak links in it’s construction like you get with many other sleeves. Here’s why…


Here’s some unique points:

First, a lot of what makes knee sleeves feel different and last is the neoprene.

We tested dozens and realized this was a place where cutting corners to bring down prices doesn’t make a lot of sense. Choosing low quality here can give undesirable traits like lack of stretch, loss of shape, wrinkles, layer separation, low support, little warmth, etc.

In short, with high quality materials you’ll feel the quality difference immediately in the way Stoic sleeves fit and feel.

Another is our proprietary stitching.

Most sleeves are sewn using methods and materials that easily tear when under pressure or come apart if a single stitch is damaged.

In testing we tested every stitching method including the typical methods and were left unsatisfied. During strength testing the seams were still significant weak points and gave way too soon.

Our stitch welds the two ends together and has been shown to be so strong that the material itself gives way before our stitching.


  • HIGHEST GRADE MATERIALS, HEAVIEST DUTY: Our knee sleeves are guaranteed to outperform and outlast even the most expensive knee sleeves on the market. Provides extreme support. Tested to perform under extreme conditions.
  • EXTREME SUPPORT & WARMTH: Ultra-high density 7mm neoprene gives maximal support, warmth, and rebound during training.
  • UNBREAKABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our patent pending triple reinforced seam offers the strongest stitch ever used on a knee sleeve. The use of the heaviest grade tear resistant materials used both inside and out makes our sleeves built to last.
  • COMPLETE COVERAGE: Every size sleeve comes in full 30CM length for maximum coverage and support.


  • NOTE: Due to the length and strength of materials used, tight sleeves may be very difficult to apply. Please see application and removal directions.
Are these knee sleeves competition legal?

Stoic knee sleeves are made to comply with competition specs.

For federations that require equipment approval, we are currently approved in:

  • IPF
  • USPA
  • IPL
  • AAU

Always check with your specific federation’s rulebook and/or competition director to be sure your equipment will be allowed prior to your competition.

Are these IPF approved?

Yes, Stoic knee sleeves, wrist wraps, belts, and singlets are IPF approved.

January 1, 2019

How do I measure properly?

It can be tricky sometimes to get the right size, but the instructions are easy to follow.

You’ll want to grab yourself a soft measuring tape and measure the circumference of your knee joint with your leg locked, but relaxed. No flexing!

Tighten the measuring tape so it is sung around the knee joint but not too tight.

Record that number and refer to the size chart above to select the size your measurement fits within.

The Stoic knee sleeves run slightly larger than most other brands. If you’re choosing a size based on your existing pair of knee sleeves, we’d suggest choosing one size smaller in the Stoic sleeves.

TIP 1 — Using centimeters when measuring will give you a more accurate number.
TIP 2 — Size down if you want that nice tight fit

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for an opinion!

Should I size down for a tight fit?

The Stoic sleeves are made to fit snug. We do not recommend most lifters size down unless they do so in an existing brand already.

Are these sleeves sold in pairs or singles?

Our knee and elbow sleeves come in pairs and are designed to be worn as a pair due to their supportiveness.

How can I wash these?

To extend the life of your Stoic knee sleeves hand wash your knee sleeves with warm water and gentle detergent if necessary.

Lay them flat to dry.

Do not bleach or iron them, this will make them unwearable.

Washing them in the washing machine or placing them in the dryer can cause the neoprene to split and damage your knee sleeves.

Are size exchanges allowed? Returns?


If you’re running into trouble with your new order not fitting properly, don’t worry!

Just contact us and we’ll help with a size exchange.

Returns & Exchanges

What is your warranty policy or guarantee?

We stand by our products because they are built to last.

All STOIC products go beyond warranty and we offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

If somehow your item breaks or you don’t like it just contact us.

Were these previously Evolutionize knee sleeves?

Yes they were! Same great sleeve, new brand.