Powerlifting Resistance Bands

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Remember, the bands are sold individually! If you need pairs or an entire set, be sure to add the individual bands into your cart. Resistance band ratings change significantly based on amount of stretch used. How the band is anchored, and how far the band is being stretched both play a role in how much tension the band will provide. If you are looking for powerlifting bands, and buying in pairs, keep in mind the tension may be double what is approximated here.

  • INCREASE MOBILITY, STRENGTH, AND MUSCLE BALANCE – As you may already know, bands are powerful tools with many uses. Used for everything ranging from heavy powerlifting workouts to muscle mobility, rehab, and prehabilitation exercises. Check out the bullet points and images to get the correct band for the correct application.
  • 5 STAR EXPERIENCE GUARANTEE – We’re very confident you’ll absolutely love our bands – or any our other products! If somehow you aren’t 100% satisfied, just contact us! We are happy to help! Need help deciding on which band to get? Just ask below!
  • OUR QUALITY DIFFERENCE – Our bands use a unique time consuming wrapped layered process resulting in NO seams, NO bonding, and NO moulding. This process makes our bands the MOST DURABLE on the planet, and leads to far fewer unexpected snapping occurrences. Because of our bands layer process, once worn out they fray instead of dangerously snapping all at once. If the bands begin to fray, it’s an indication that it’s time to replace them. Other brands using cheaper manufacturing processes forfeit this important benefit, have less tensile strength, and have poorer elongation.
  • BUY 2+, GET 3+ RESISTANCE LEVELS – Tip: get more for your money by buying at least two resistance levels, here’s how: Bands can be paired together to combine their strength, simulating a stronger band! For example: Get 2 bands, one stronger and one weaker. Use them together for the highest resistance or pull up assistance. Use the stronger band alone for less tension, and the weaker band for the least tension. This allows you to adjust the tension 3 levels as your strength increases or as you fatigue – using only two bands.