Athlete Mobility Box

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CAUTION: Product may cause severe injury. Always thoroughly inspect your bands for signs of wear, including small tears, abrasions, or cracks before use. Always replace the bands with any sign of wear, and refrain from using. Jewelry, fingernails, and other sharp objects including barbell or pull up bar knurling may cause small tears and abrasions. Always protect the eyes during exercise with elastic bands. Do not stretch bands or tubing beyond 150% (100 inches). These products are not toys and should not be used without adult supervision. These products will not last forever, and will experience normal wear and tear with extended use. This product contains natural rubber, and may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. If you have any injury, disease, disability or other concerns about starting an exercise program, consult your healthcare provider first. If you experience any pain or difficulty with any exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider.

  • ULTRA LONGEVITY, PERFECT FIRMNESS – Our deep tissue foam roller is firm to most, but perfect for regular use and does NOT dramatically soften over time! Continued below…
  • 3 IMPORTANT TOOLS – While our foam roller is excellent, all foam rollers have limitations! For those areas our kit includes a dense Mobility Ball & Stretching Band.
  • MOBILITY BALL – A staple tool for those areas that are difficult to address with a foam roller alone! The Mobility Ball focuses the pressure into a small area making it perfect for deep tissue work on the glutes, pecs, foot, and more.
  • STRETCHING BAND – Perfect for stretching virtually every muscle group, and much more. Once looped around a secure station, the band can be used to apply stretch against muscles including those inherently difficult to stretch.