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LEGIT Bench press ALTERNATIVE, I can confirm that it exists and it is AWESOME

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#1 hastalles

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Posted 09 February 2016 - 07:49 PM

Bench press has always been the thorn in my side, the shit in my cornflakes, the nail in my shoe, the chinese factory rat whisker in my poptart. It's not that I'm naturally weak at it - I benched way over bodyweight my first day ever benching. But for SOME reason, I just absolutely suck at PROGRESSING it, and we all know that's the key to everything!


The only way I could ever really make it budge was to get strong on other stuff (DB Bench) or tighten up my technique (which isn't really the same thing as getting stronger...)


Now I'm not married to any particular lift, so I would have loved to switch out the bench press for something I could make some GAINS on. But I never could find anything as good.... DB Bench is pretty great, but it's next to impossible in a home gym. Incline isn't as HEAVY, and Dips are totally different, at least for me.


All this pained me almost to death... until I found it... the ALTERNATIVE... the FUNCTIONAL HORIZONTAL PRESS OF THE GODS



  • Natural shoulder motion - no bench pinching your bones and snapping your shit
  • functional serratus activation for healthy shoulders and a badass boxer's physique
  • No spotter needed
  • No bench needed, you could easily do this on a box or something
  • No complicated technique to confuse you
  • Closed chain exercise!!!!!11 (that's a good thing right?)
  • Bonus ultra abs activation

I have no idea how to physics out the actual weight that I'm moving when I do these, but judging by the how-much-pressure-is-there-on-my-hands scale, I'm pushing way harder than I could on the bench press.


I love this exercise and you will too!!

#2 Physiqz

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Posted 31 March 2018 - 08:00 PM

Very interesting I saw this somewhere else the other day by Antoine Valiant. Do you feel it more in your chest though? That's my main issue with the traditional bench press.

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