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KB - Week 10 - RTNBT- Day 3 - Benches and Triceps Blown OUT!

bench press cgbp circus db
07/25/2014 - Friday - 6 AM B2B Gym:

Circus dumbbell practice do 2x5 with a normal dumbbell first then practice stabilizing the circus dumbbell in the racked position as shown in the video
-So warmed up and then did 2 x5 at a normal 55# DB then practices the circus dumbell. Video here. I think the biggest problem here is the elbow position, clearly needs to be higher but honestly my triceps were still smoked from Wednesdays 2 x 100 band pulls....DAYM!!! So Ithink that affects my position, also I think I also tend to rush into the lift, a CHRONIC problem of mine is to rush the lift and not take my time and get my cues and position as I need them...need to work on this as well.

1.Cg bench 60/70/80% 5/3/1+ Using 150# as 1 TM(up 5#)
-WU: 5 x bar
5 x 75#
-MS: 5 x 90#
3 x 105#
3 x 120#

2.Incline db bench 2x20 @ 30# (really struggled with the last set...)

3.incline db row 2x20 @30#

4a.skull crushers3x12 @ 15#
4b.Hammer curls 3x15 @ 25#

5a..Band pull aparts 3x20 @ red
5b.Band tricep press downs 2x50 @ red

I hope you didn't mean "blown out" literally.  Sounds like a good session.

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No not literaly - thank goodness...but hot damn...they are smoked...but I know the pay off will be better overheads especially with the Dumbbell!

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