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benching with bands

Posted by ecogenx, 31 May 2018 · 364 views



1a. Bench + micro mini bands barx2 sets 95,135,185,210,245x5 275x8 135x25,21
1b. Cambered bar rows barx20 135,185,225,275,225,225,225x5 135x2x25
2a. Lateral raise 3 sets
2b. Band pull aparts 3 sets
3. Pushdowns 1 all out set
4. Db curls 1 all out set

I don’t include the band tension with the bench weight. But I think it adds 35-40 lbs at the top.

stiff legged deads

Posted by ecogenx, 14 November 2016 · 414 views



sldl 135x3 225x3 315x3 405x3 500x3
snatch grip sldl 315x7x3


Only felt like pulling.

trap bar and squats

Posted by ecogenx, 10 November 2016 · 312 views



trap bar deadlift 135x3 225x3 315x3 405x3 495x3
17'' box squats 135x3 225x3 315x3 405x3 495x3


Not much thought went into this one.


Posted by ecogenx, 08 November 2016 · 292 views



benchdaddy thing warm-up 275x3 315x3 365x2 405x3,4 365x5 315x15
db bench/flies 40's x3xhigh reps
football bar MP 115x12 135x10 135x10


That was all I had tonight. Hoping to do some chin-ups, face pulls and curls before lunch tomorrow at work.

Deads, yoke and some stones

Posted by ecogenx, 06 November 2016 · 340 views

There's a strongman/powerlifting gym a half hour from my house that has all the cool toys. So I took my oldest son and one of his friends this morning for a workout. Stones let you know how strong you really are. I can barely lift a stone half of what I bench.


semi-sumo deads 135x5 225x3 275x3 315x3 365x3 405x3 495x2
sldl 365x3 315x10
yoke carry 285,385,485,585 1 trip across the gym and back with each
stone lifts - a bunch with 130,155,165,205
1 arm db row 200x5 (with straps)

Something to do on a Saturday morning

Posted by ecogenx, 05 November 2016 · 277 views



1. football bar bench barx30 115x10 165x10 205x10 255x3 205x2x10
2a. neutral grip chins BWx50 total reps
2b. dips BWx100 total reps


Weighing 275 makes the BW exercises a lot of fun.

17'' box squats

Posted by ecogenx, 03 November 2016 · 279 views



17'' box squat barx10 135x3 185x3 225x3 275x2 315x2 365x2 405x1 455x1 500x5 315x12
GM 185x5x5


Didn't feel like doing this one tonight (seems to happen a lot). But I watched a CT Fletcher documentary last night. So I had no good excuse not to workout.


Posted by ecogenx, 01 November 2016 · 379 views



1. benchdaddy 225x10 275x5 315x5 365x5 405x5 455x1 315x2x10
2a. football bar MP 135x15,10,12 (changed grip every time)
2b. chin-up BWx6,7,9
3a. 1 arm pushdown 3 sets
3b, db curls 3 sets


I was watching a youtube video with Mark Bell and Ed Coan using the sling shot. Coan said it helped with his shoulder pain so I pulled out the benchdaddy to see if it would do the same for me. Ed was right it made my shoulders feels much better.

Saturday morning workout

Posted by ecogenx, 29 October 2016 · 319 views


deadlifts on 2'' block warm-up 355x3 405x3 450x3
sldl 405x3 365x3
wide grip sldl 315x3 365x3 315x3
1 arm db rows 150x10,5,5
timed holds 365x15 sec 315x20 sec

Had to get up at 5:45 this morning to get this one in. Hockey games and family obligations and that kind of stuff all day.

football bar bench and chin-ups

Posted by ecogenx, 27 October 2016 · 287 views



t-handle swings 60x2x25
1a. football bar bench barx25 75x10 115x10 165x5 205x5 265x5 300x3 335x1 225x3x8
1b. chin-ups BWx5,6,7 +25x5,6,7 +35x5 BWx6,5,5,5
t-handle swings 60x2x25


Shoulders felt good using the football bar.

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