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Tons of Updates!

Powerlifting 0 Answers
Tons of training log updates just added. Competing April 1, 2017 at the UPA Metal Militia Powerlifting Meet in Lake George, NY. Just added the first 6 weeks of my 12 week training cycle to my logs. Check it out. Videos added too! 
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Hey everybody

Introductions 2 Answers
My name is Clay and I just started training for power lifting last March or April. I was going to do my first full power meet last July, but I tore my meniscus coaching wrestling ( which I coach both wrestling and track/field at the school I teach at.) I have competed bench only twice and looking...
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Energy Balance

Diet, Supplements, & Body Composition 3 Answers
Hey guys,   Just want to get your thoughts on this...   I've been in a caloric deficit (kinda) for a hell of a long time. I figure what I'm going to do now is go up to eating maintenance, and see if I can get my strength up that way. I feel like being at maintenance after being in a def...
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Energy Balance

Kyle says

I figure I'm going to try maintenance and add in a bit more conditioning. I'm scared my strength will stall out if I continue in a deficit.

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Energy Balance

Brandon says
Yep, I don't see why you wouldn't go to maintenance or a slight surplus if you're looking to add some mass.
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Energy Balance

RJorg says

I think it's a great idea. If you start to get too fluffy, just dial back again.

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Trailer for My Youtube Channel

DOA says

Looks awesome!

Thanks alot!

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Hey guys

wtenerelli says

Welcome to the site!

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NASA Christmas Classic 2016.

Wayne Forsythe says

Nice! Do my eyes deceive me? Is that barefoot on squats and adipowers on bench? haha

That is correct, I have a stronger posterior chain, soi squat basically barefoot. And I like the heel for bench.
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