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World Record Bench Press (Raw) 722 Lbs by Eric Spoto

Here’s Eric Spoto smashing the world record raw bench press with 722 Lbs!  After many unsuccessful attempts, the original record of 715 held by Scot Mendelson has finally fallen. Congratulations to Eric!

Video of Eric’s 722 Lb attempt produced by Jim McDonald:

(Video recorded by Jim McDonald. Subscribe to his channel for a high quality version shortly!



Powerlifting in the Olympics?

From Jeff Hackett: I was looking up the roster for Team USA Weightlifting and couldn’t find any thing, then I came across this thread and we are only sending one man and two women. What in the world is going on with that? However some one mentioned that too many people were doing Powerlifting, which got me to thinking this could be our time to push to get PL IOC recognition. What are you thoughts?


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