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We believe training is much more than lifting weights. We believe progression gives life meaning. That your respect is correlated to your struggle. We believe that our human existence is fragile, weak, mostly insignificant.

To be STOIC is to accept the discomfort. Face resistance. Build your self-respect. Accept the struggle. The Phoenix, the legendary bird of Greek mythology, must die in flames in order to be reborn. The Phoenix signifies self destruction as a path to creation.

To manifest the STOIC philosophy is to demonstrate the mental fortitude required to accept and overcome the resistances faced in life. To rise from the ashes without complaint or defeat.



What is your warranty policy or guarantee?

We stand by our products because they are built to last.

All STOIC products go beyond warranty and we offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

If somehow your item breaks or you don’t like it just contact us.

Are size exchanges allowed? Returns?


If you’re running into trouble with your new order not fitting properly, don’t worry!

Just contact us and we’ll help with a size exchange.

What type of workouts is STOIC equipment best for?

STOIC equipment is designed for performance, it should not be used for casual activity or light exercise.

In normal cases with healthy adults, we typically recommend first warming up with minimal or no supportive equipment. Depending on personal preference, once the weight loads increase closer to a maximal load supportive equipment is added.

Supportive equipment is a great tool to use in your training to reduce aches, pains, and decrease the risk of injury. It’s also commonly used to strategically load certain muscles where without the use of equipment may be sub-maximally stimulated.

How do I measure properly for…

It can be tricky sometimes to get the right size, but the instructions are easy to follow.

For the best results, you’ll want to grab yourself a soft measuring tape and check out the sizing guide for the specific item you are looking at.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for an opinion!

Do STOIC sleeves come in pairs or single?

Our knee and elbow sleeves come in pairs and are designed to be worn as a pair due to their supportiveness.

Is STOIC competition legal?

STOIC products are made to comply with competition specs.

For federations that require equipment approval, we are currently approved in USPA, IPL, AAU, and most USAPL local/state meets (see IPF approval below).

Always check with your specific federation’s rulebook and/or competition director to be sure your equipment will be allowed prior to your competition.

Is STOIC IPF approved?

Note: If you compete in the USAPL, many competition directors do not require IPF approval.

STOIC has been worn in several USAPL meets. Ask your meet director before arriving to compete so there are no surprises.

For those who compete in meets requiring IPF approved equipment:

The IPF opens equipment approval Jan 2019. Once availability allows, most of our products (powerlifting items) should be approved for IPF competition.

2018 Update: IPF has received, reviewed, and confirmed our products meet their guidelines to be eligible for IPF approval.

Finalizing and contracts are to be completed by September 30, 2018.

How does STOIC compare to other popular lifting equipment?

Our philosophy is “pro-customer” over “for profit.”

Every day customers write us explaining why they’ve become a customer for life, and how their expectations were blown away.

Stoic, like our other Lift Unlimited brands, follows a true customer-focused model that’s unique in this marketplace.

This means our customers get incredible quality and unbeatable pricing that’s only made possible by our model.


Jose Garcia

Jose recently hit a 501 Lb bench press and 611 Lb squat in sleeves at a bodyweight of 210 Lb.

Lazaro Rodriguez Jr.

Lazaro competes at 275 Lb and recently totaled 1929 Lb at a bodyweight of 260 which included a 760 deadlift.

Jesse Lanuevo

Jesse is on a quest to deadlift 600 Lb in competition at a bodyweight of 132 Lb. His best deadlift in the gym is 605 Lb.


Joseph is a paratrooper and spends most of his days jumping out of planes. Joseph can deadlift over 700 Lb.


  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Great Quality knee sleeves with great feel to them. You can really compare these to SBD and Strong knee sleeves but for a lower price. Absolutely amazing when squatting and definitely coming back for more.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    I’ve had evolutionize (brand before name change) knee sleeves for half a year and I have to say they are top quality. I did not think a company could mimic OG SBD knee sleeves, they are holding up very well. Tight and supportive fit. I get VERY sweaty when I squat (especially in summer) and the grip really works and surprisingly they do not bunch up like strong sleeves, rehbands, sbd etc. Amazing!!!!

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    These are by far the nicest knee sleeves I have used! Easy to put on, soft material but yet the most durable and strong! Thank you for such a top notch product!

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Definitely worth the money! I have tried ST, SBDs and these are my favorite. I also have their knee wraps and they have been just as good.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    The Stoic knee sleeves are very nice. They seem to be made with a higher quality neoprene than my previous sleeves. The sleeves feel stiff offering nice rebound. I also like the rubber inside of the sleeves as it prevents the sleeves from sliding down and bunching/wrinkling up like other knees do. The stitching quality also seems to be better than other sleeves that I have tried.

  • (verified owner)
    Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Probably some of the best knees sleeves I have used so far. Super comfortable, they don’t slip or bunch of after sets. Hands down just amazing. And to top it off, more affordable than most brands on the market!

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    These sleeves are the best. They keep my knees warm and supported throughout the entire workout without slipping! Everything about this product is great construction, price, and fit. I compared these to my friends sleeves at my last meet. In my opinion these are the same quality if not better than the more well-known brands.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    I’m just getting back into lifting after years of neglect and my knees were starting to have issues so I went looking for a solution. I initially purchased the XL based off my calf measurement (17in/43cm) since the sizing guide on Amazon said to go with the calf measurement if it was larger than the knee. I felt the XL was too loose around the knee so I reached out to support and they promptly sent me a return label and shipped me out the Large for free. The Large is harder to get on obviously but the roll-up method works great and once in place the sleeves offer amazing support without being too tight or restricting movement. After finishing my deadlifts and squats, I just left them on to finish out my leg routine. I wanted to see if they became uncomfortable or annoying, but they didn’t. They helped me go deeper on my lunges, squatjacks, and speed skaters which I sometimes struggle with because of knee pain. These sleeves definitely helped me get a better workout without any knee tweakage or discomfort. I will be buying the elbow sleeves next as my right elbow has been starting to hurt a bit after chest and back days.

    I don’t have experience with any other brands but I did a fair amount of research before buying these and ultimately choose Stoic because they seemed like the best overall value. I am pleased with my decision and impressed with the quality of the product as well as the responsiveness I received from customer support.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    I purchased these knee sleeves after looking at several manufacturers and debating about needing them for a few months. I am stoked with this product so far and it’s performance. They are very comfortable for extended wear. They offer great compression and warmth without being overly tight. I noticed less pain in my knees after wearing them during my normal leg session of squats and deadlifts. I would and have recommended these sleeves to my friends. I purchased the large sleeves and my measurements are 13.5” calves and 16” at the thigh where the sleeves sit.

  • (verified owner)
    Stoic Knee Sleeves

    I got XS they feel great no stress on the quad or calf’s and really stable.

  • (verified owner)
    Stoic Knee Sleeves

    This is the very far the best knee sleeves I’ve ever had and same with the elbow sleeves. I’m 50 years old an help me tremendously during my workout. My next purchase probably the belt.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Love these sleeves! If you’re going to do some heavy a$$ skwots, these are for you.

  • (verified owner)
    Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Great quality, great price, great customer service. All around 10/10. Will definitely be purchasing from this company again.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Great product, really helps maintain stability for my knees when squatting heavy. The price belays how well made these sleeves are. Highly recommended.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    These sleeves were quite a find… lower price than others, but really high quality. I was having some knee issues, and I really appreciate the greater coverage and thicker support that these sleeves give. I highly recommend them.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Amazing knee sleeves. Up to quality and performance as Slingshot & SBD. Great quality & pricing.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Great knee sleeves. I put them on the next day and hit a PR of 405 and kept my knee warm and ready to squat.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Great product, size, and staying power.
    More than that excellent customer service!!!

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    I love these sleeves, It feels as though I’m wearing springs! Honestly they give me the confidence to get where I want to be.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    I love these for heavy lifting and high reps. Wish they had a 5 mm for other types of workouts. You won’t regret getting these.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    I’ve been in the market for a while just because my rehbands fell apart and I spend a lot of time squatting, but I just never felt like spending the money to be honest. I saw the special you guys were running and I liked the fact that the marketing wasn’t corny. So far I like them. I’m very surprised how warm they keep my knees and the fact they don’t move around. You guys have done a great job. I’ll keep recommending them to people for sure. Thanks again.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Well I smoked 415 in your sleeves for a 40lb PR! You could say I’m happy with them but that wouldn’t be enough! Well worth the wait thank you for being patient with me I just wish I would have ordered the belt now! 100% recommend these sleeves!

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    I can honestly recommend these. I no longer have pain in my knees after doing squats and deadlifts. I have used them for leg presses too. Great product.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    I have used several sleeves on the market and found these to be the best. The knee sleeves offer great support without restricting range of motion. My wife used mine and now I’m purchasing a second pair.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    What a great product at such a reasonable cost. Effective support at heavy weight great fit. Rec9mend for any beginner fitness training. Better than having a spotter!!!

  • (verified owner)
    Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Just got my sleeves today. Super fast processing and shipping. I used my sleeves tonight and I love them. I have bad knees, and these kept my knees feeling great during a high rep squat session. Everything about them seems great. Just have to see how well they hold up. I have high hopes though.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Comparable to the SBDs, but cheaper. At first, the stitches along the sides really irritated my skin, but after breaking them in, I don’t feel the stitching at all. I use them for all my heavy squats now.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Very well made sleeves, comfortable, appropriate thickness and coverage, and an unbeatable price point compared to other sleeves on the market. Highly recommended.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    I am primarily using these sleeves for squatting to start, due to some knee issues I’ve had in the past. These sleeves are nice and solid, and provide good compression…so much so that I almost thought I couldn’t get them over my calves at first! However, once on they were comfortable to wear for the duration of my training session, and provided good support. They seem a bit thicker and heavier duty than Rehband knee sleeves my wife uses (and loves), and are definitely longer. Overall, so far I am really liking them, and have no complaints!

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    These knee sleeves are great quality and very useful for keeping my 50 y.o. knees warm and supported during my squats. These are slightly longer than my TK Bands and have a nicer fabric surface, plus great rubber pads in side that keep them from riding up or down during movement. I’ve used them about half a dozen times now and keep them in my gym bag at all times. A great product.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    My first set of knee sleeves and I find they really do make my knees more comfortable, warm and the added support is very welcome. Nicely made, heavyweight material, easy to put on and take off and they stay in place during use. Just a slight amount of bunching behind the knees but not enough to create any issues.
    Highly recommended.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    I’m quite happy with this product. They provide excellent support and warmth for squats. The material and seams are of high quality and designed to last. The fit is good, too. They don’t bunch up behind the knee and they stay put for the entire workout.

    Pay close attention to the sizing guidelines. I originally ordered mediums which were entirely too small. The company’s customer service was prompt and courteous, assisting me to exchange them for a pair of larges, which fit great.

    I highly recommend these sleeves.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    These sleeves are incredible! They provide just enough support without being too tight, making them comfortable enough to use every workout. And, as usual, lift . net’s shipping and service were impeccable. Would definitely buy again.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    These came in perfect time, im in the market of getting a new knee sleeve, the one I have right now gave up on me (SBD), it rip after a year of using. It looks strong and durable, I like the nonslip feature, and keeps my knees warm.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Great pair of knee sleeves, on par with SBD and the STrong Sleeves from Mark Bell. If you own either of those two already, these may not be a MUST own, but at the current price of $50 for a pair, they’re definitely worth picking up if you need/want a new pair or a different size

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    UPDATED REVIEW: I have been using these off and on for the last few weeks, even though I have had them for 5 months. I have found that they are helping with my knee pain. I do not use them during deadifts, but only squats. Knee Sleeves are not allowed where I usually compete, so I know I will have to ween myself off of them before I compete, but I find them therapeutic for now. The top does seem to have some sliding down as they are getting more worn, and I have to adjust them every couple of sets.
    previous review: I have never used sleeves before. I found these difficult to put on, because of how tight they are (that is a good thing). They do keep the knees warm. Since this is the first time that I have used sleeves, I know that I am not able to use them to their full advantage,.but believe that this is an excellent product. I compete in feds that do not allow them, so they will only be used in workouts

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    These sleeves are for the serious lifter. I own Titan Knee Sleeves, and they’re great as well, but I feel that they are more of an all-purpose sleeve compared to these bad boys. These knee sleeves are thick, rugged, and fit snug as hell. They seem very durable, but only time will tell.

    If you need incredible amounts of tight and snug support in a knee sleeve, these are ones to consider.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    I own Titan sleeves, SBD and the Mark Bell sleeves. This is def a bang for the buck.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    Received mine the other day. Squatted in them for the first time yesterday (Monday).

    Pulled them on roughly as per instructions, but I intentionally didn’t really read the instructions carefully because I wanted to see if I could get them on. I have been wearing size M Rehbands for a while now, and while the Rehbands are tight, I can pull them straight on, no folding/rolling needed.

    These definitely could not just be pulled straight on, but I folded the top over so that they were basically in half, then pulled them up, then folded the top back up over my knee. No real problem despite the fact that they are really snug.

    I had to take a couple stabs at this to figure out how high to pull them before folding, but that’s normal. They are much longer than the Rehbands, and so they were able to extend both further down my calf and further over my knee. I liked this.

    I expected annoying bunching behind the knee since they aren’t “contoured”. However, there was less bunching than I supposed and it was not really noticeable at all anyways. They were VERY supportive. I don’t think I got any bounce, but I could feel that they were holding my patella in place. Interesting.

    Overall I like these better than my Rehbands. I’m switching, and will recommend these to anyone who asks for a rec, especially if the price stays in the ~$50 range for a pair.

  • Stoic Knee Sleeves

    2 year powerlifter here, and my best squat is 400lbs currently at 197lbs bodyweight. I’ve used CFF Elite knee wraps for about 6 months, usually for my main squat set of the day due to the intense rebound and rep-out capabilities. Yesterday for my squat workout I decided to just use these wraps for(for the first time) as long as possible. I ended up using them for all but my last and heaviest triple. However, using these sleeves allowed my knees to stay super warm and my performance was greatly impacted by the use of these. Rebound was present but not overly exaggerated and I liked this effect as this can become a great training tool. I plan on using them much more and returning ASAP to update my review. I highly recommend these wraps to any serious lifter! – helhedded

    6/30/16 EDIT: These are still going strong and keep my knees super warm and pain free.

  • Stoic Powerlifting Belt

    Amazing belt. Perfect fit for me. Sturdy and comfy. I’ve had it for a year and it is just as reliable now as it was then.

  • Stoic Powerlifting Belt

    Absolutely LOVE this belt! Took a little bit to break it in, but now it’s a part of me when I go for my heavy lifts! Sturdy, supportive, and sexy!!! Wish I didn’t waste hundreds on a lever belt that failed me a few months in. BUY THIS BELT!

  • Stoic Powerlifting Belt

    This is the link to my YouTube video where I use the bealt

  • (verified owner)
    Stoic Powerlifting Belt

    YouTube review and comparison. . Good, sturdy workhorse of a belt. More support, more rigid, more everything than current lever belt. Using this twice a week for heaviest sets of squats and pulls and can tell a difference!

  • Stoic Powerlifting Belt

    Awesome belt, adjusted quick and easy between sets of squats and deadlifts.
    Great support in keeping from leaning forward too much on squats when going heavy.
    Fantastic customer service.
    Buy one you won’t regret it.

  • (verified owner)
    Stoic Powerlifting Belt

    Folks, I used my new Stoic powerlifting belt for squats last night. I absolutely loved wearing this belt during my squats! The Stoic belt is far superior to the Golds Gym belt that I’ve been wearing, and it’s in the same price range. Awesome!

  • Stoic Powerlifting Belt

    Great strong and sturdy belt. Been using it for about 6 months now. Even better after it’s broken in.

  • Stoic Powerlifting Belt

    I am an Italian Personal Trainer and former powerlifter recently relocated to LA. This belt is a serious thing. Look no further: high quality truly built-to-last and the girl at customer care she is awesome (I forgot her name sorry)

  • Stoic Powerlifting Belt

    I originally purchased this belt mainly because I had a coupon code for it, because I already own a Inzer lever belt I didn’t really need it. But upon receiving it and trying it out for a few weeks I have to say that this is a great belt! It is very strong and supportive but also not super stiff like the Inzer belt which digs into my hip bones when deadlifting. I have started using it for a majority of my lifts (except for PR days because I like how easy the lever is to get really tight). So to put it simply, this belt is much cheaper and is just as good, if not better if you don’t care about the buckle vs lever aspect.

  • Stoic Powerlifting Belt

    I’m very happy with the quality of this belt! The sizing was on the mark, and it feels about as comfortable as a powerlifting belt can!

  • Stoic Powerlifting Belt

    liked this belt more than I thought I would. It’s already broken in so I can cinch it tight. It’s also nice and thick for support.

  • Stoic Powerlifting Belt

    I wanted to wait a little bit before posting this review so I could really put this belt to the test. First of all, I think this is a GREAT belt that you can buy and use from day 1. A lot of power belts has a break in period that can take awhile and you’ll hear a lot of people having issues with it digging into their hips in the bottom of a squat or deadlift. This is NOT the case with this belt. From day one you’ll be ready to go. I have already competed in one strongman contest with this belt and I hit a raw squat PR at 545×3 with it. Routinely deadlift upwards of 700lbs with it and it has by far passed the test holding up, no manufacturing errors. I really like the single prong how much easier it is to get on and off. Also, with strongman training, I don’t like to have a lever belt because I don’t like having my belt as tight for every event. The only drawback to this belt is you like really really stiff belts (think of an inzer power belt) as these two belts wouldn’t be the same. Overall I am very happy with this belt and it works very well and look forward to using it for years to come!

  • Stoic Powerlifting Belt

    belt is very well made and will definitely last a while. the thickness of this belt means that it will take a while to break in by rolling it up in alternate directions for about a week. the buckle is very strong and the seams on the belt itself are well constructed

  • Stoic Wrist Wraps

    The stoic wrist wraps are great. I like how stretchy the wraps are while also remaining stiff this allows for a comfortable yet very supportive fit. My favorite feature on the wraps are actually the the Velcro straps. The Velcro hanging off the end of the strap is covered in rubber on the outside which has a very nice feel to it and allows easy adjustment of the Velcro.

  • (verified owner)
    Stoic Wrist Wraps

    My wife has a 5 year old wrist tendon strain that constantly hurts. She competed this past weekend and hit some big bench PRs wearing these. They came in the mail 2 days before the meet. It’s the first time she’s benched without pain in years. Her tendon has to be compressed behind the styloid process to reduce pain and these form to the wrist doing just that and still get cast tight without nerve pain. Amazing gear!

  • Stoic Wrist Wraps

    Best bang for your buck wrist wraps.

    The only thing preventing me from giving the 5-star review is the length of the Velcro. I just wish the soft hoop part of the Velcro was longer so the wrap material wouldn’t rough up due to the hooks grabbing on.

    Performance and durability is excellent. I use these 3-4 times a week, and I’ve had them for a bit over a month. Not as stiff as ST Gangsta Wraps, but that’s fine in my opinion. You’ll get more revolutions out of it, and you can wear it a bit looser for comfort during training

    I have an in-depth review on YouTube so go check that out if you want to see the wrist wraps in action.
    Link is here:

  • Stoic Wrist Wraps

    Great wrist wraps! Setting new PRs all the time now with these sturdy wraps. Starting to see some wear and tear but nothing too drastic.

  • Stoic Wrist Wraps

    Wrist wraps work great. Haven’t had any issues with them. Been using them for about 4 moths and no tearing or ripping. Solid product.

  • Stoic Wrist Wraps

    Great Sturdy Wraps. They should last

  • Stoic Wrist Wraps

    Good quality and great tension. Able to keep the compression focused on the wrists.

  • Stoic Wrist Wraps


    Got your wristbands and immediately picked up the entire world, threw it on my shoulder, and headed to the gym ( AKA The Transformation Room).

    Being 40 now, I didn’t want to admit that my wrists had become “those wrists;” but after years of intense tree work ( climbin’ em, fellin’ em, hangin’ off cranes, movin’ em and praising their beauty, my wrists went to shit.

    But I need the gym, know what I mean? #OfcourseYoudo

    Here, letting you know that I can throw weight around again without too much damage ( I have to massage the forearms more then before to release tenion off the wrist, but I’m getting into it. Foam Roller is my R2D2).

    AND, I have a Gym Forum; my buddies are stoked about your gear, too. Whale just got his wristbands and he’s already banging out pull-ups like a feared maximum security prison inmate. Dood is lookin’ good.

    So thank you, Team! Keep it comin!!

  • Stoic Wrist Wraps

    Feel great. Been dealing with a wrist problem that’s significantly limited my lifting. These are firm and wide, and the velcro is strong and seems durable. A wrist injury can be just like a back strain, since you don’t know how much you rely on it until you hurt it. Use these, and protect your wrists!

  • Stoic Wrist Wraps

    Great quality, great price. Can’t complain. Over the years I’ve had some wraps from the big name companies, but these are my favorite so far. I’ll be checking out what else they have to offer.

  • Stoic Wrist Wraps

    Awesome product. Build quality, stiffness, pliability and material all seem superior or on par with competitors. For a fraction of the price no less. Performance-wise, I’ve usually gone with longer wraps, but I tried the 18″ this time, and I can say they definitely tighten up nicely and stay put fine. No need for the bulkiness of a longer length. I’ve used these on every lift the last few days and I can definitely say Stoic has a new regular customer.

  • (verified owner)
    Stoic Elbow Sleeves

    Ive used them for 2 weeks now and they work perfectly and feel high quality.

  • Stoic Elbow Sleeves

    Awesome elbow sleeves. They blow my Rehbands out of the water. They are very comfortable, offer plenty of support and are easy to get on and off. I’ve only used them for a couple of work outs so far so the question of durability remains, but I am more than happy with these and would recommend to anybody

  • (verified owner)
    Stoic Compression Sleeve Cuff

    I was having some minor elbow pain benching. Ordered this cuff and packaged arrived just in time for my next bench workout. Kept elbow warm and ache free through entire workout. Just enough compression without compromising mobility. Will definately make future purchases. Thanks!

  • Stoic Lifting Straps

    This company makes first class products at a great price. They are awesome to use on pull-ups.

    They need time to be broken in.

  • Stoic Lifting Straps

    These work great! I use them for my heavier lifts…I don’t use use them as a replacement for a weak grip however, at a certain point, If my grip begins to weaken and it distracts me from my main lift, I’ll put these on.. They make a tremendous difference!

    Rolling up the end that wraps around the bar helps a lot with setting them up for a set. Also, unlike more traditional straps, these don’t cut off circulation.

    If you wear gloves that have some coverage over your wrists, these lifting straps will most likely slip over that part and you’ll have no direct skin contact (though I don’t think that would hurt or irritate anyway).



A person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining.


Stoic Training Equipment is Lift Unlimited’s strength training gear line where the focus is on:

  • Performance
  • Durability & Longevity (100% Guaranteed)
  • Competition Specification

We do things a little differently. Stoic products begin their life with rather expensive raw materials. We start with the finest materials, manufacturing methods, and technologies. The extra costliness to us is reflected in our costs to produce the item, or what we call the true cost. Then, to control our pricing to our end customers, the end price, we keep our profit margins thin, our marketing lean, the middlemen out, and our markup low. In the end you enjoy premium products with minimal markups. Because we believe word-of-mouth advertising from our customers is the best kind of advertising, we pass those savings directly back to you.

In the Stoic line you’ll find equipment designed to be worn in training or in competition to protect against injury, enhance performance, and to reduce pain. The Stoic line includes lifting belts, neoprene sleeves, wraps, straps, and more.

For other Lift Unlimited exclusive brands and products, check out the store page.

"Wish I would have found them sooner. Honestly, I used Strong for years and then they changed and went to crap. Went to SBD’s but they're almost $100 and not too far behind Strong with durability, then I found you guys and I won’t go with anything else."
"I absolutely love them. I have Pioneer phantom wraps, SBD wraps, and Gangsta wraps and these are by far my favorite. You have a top quality product for a great price!"
"I'm going to be honest, I use my Stoic's the most. Because I use them every week lol. Even in the video you see some sleeves are still in their bag."
"First time using elbow sleeves today and I really like them. Absolutely zero elbow pain. Went with the @stoicgear and so far I have zero complaints. Affordable and very well made. I'll defintely be recommending your sleeves."

Lift Unlimited features some of the strongest athletes around, and we're proud to share their progress!

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