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Premium, research-backed fully transparent supplements. Unmatched in quality, potency, and purity. Full, clinically dosed formulas with third-party tested, sweetened and flavored with stevia. NO fillers. NO proprietary blends. NO BS!




Why is it important that Hi-Dosis is third-party tested?

Companies are never forced to prove their supplements are safe to consume, or even contain the contents listed on their label before being sold! Supplement manufactures can cut corners to increase their profit by using cheaper ingredients, fillers, and other tactics to deceive their customers.

This is where third-party testing comes in.

In the case of Hi-Dosis, a reputable and unbiased lab (LabDoor) receives a randomly chosen bottle of Hi-Dosis to run several tests.

Some of these tests include:

1. Label Accuracy

2. Contaminants

3. Banned Substances

4. Ingredient Safety

We pay the lab upfront for testing and there is no benefit for the lab to give a good test result leaving no biases. It’s costly which is why it is so rarely done by other companies, but we believe it’s an essential step to protect our brand and our customers.

We do all of this because we personally feel strongly about knowing what ingredients we are ingesting. We’d never consume any supplement without verifying its contents. We believe customers to have the right to make informed decisions on what they buy and consume.

Can I safely take Hi-Dosis supplements if I compete drug-free, or in drug tested competitions?

Yes! Because our products are third-party tested by a lab, our products are tested to be free of banned substances.

What does it mean to use clinical dosages?

When we use the term “clinically dosed” we mean that…

In our products, each ingredient chosen is research backed. We don’t just put anything in there, or sell secret proprietary blend potions. These studies mention dosages used during the trial.

This simply means there’s enough of the active ingredient to actually be effective. A small amount of even the greatest ingredient may leave you with no measurable benefit – it’s useless.

For that reason, always be sure to read your labels. Just because a good ingredient is stated doesn’t necessarily mean the product is any good.

What's so wrong with proprietary blends?

The problem with proprietary blends comes down to the fact that you, as a buyer, will never know what and how much you’re consuming.

Also, if you see the word “blend” on the label you’ll be sure the company doesn’t want you to know exactly what’s in the bottle you’re buying. Because of this secrecy, it more easily enables companies to use fillers and ingredients you wouldn’t actually spend money on willingly.

These deceiving marketing tactics are commonly used to trick customers. Many times customers may know what ingredients they are looking for. They will look for the ingredient’s name listed on the bottle. With any type of blend, any ingredient name can make its way onto the bottle’s ingredient list but the actual amount of that specific ingredient can be hidden, grouped within the blend.

I like to think of this as the name dropping of the supplement industry.

The ingredient is listed, but it’s just there to impress. Only a tiny amount of the ingredient may be in the bottle, far below the amount required to do its actual job.

For obvious reasons, we aren’t believers in this common business model.




hi-dosis bar graph

We do things a little differently.

Like our other LIFT UNLIMITED brands, HI-DOSIS products begin their life with rather expensive raw materials. We start with the finest materials, manufacturing methods, and technologies. The extra costliness to us is reflected in our costs to produce the item, or what we call the true cost. Then, to control our pricing to our end customers, the end price, we keep our profit margins thin, our marketing lean, the middlemen out, and our markup low.

In the end, you enjoy premium products with minimal markups. Because we believe word-of-mouth advertising from our customers is the best kind of advertising, we pass those savings directly back to you.

In the HI-DOSIS line, you’ll find supplements designed to be taken for training and is third-party approved to be safely used in drug tested competition.

For other Lift Unlimited exclusive brands and products, check out the store page.

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