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Benedikt Magnusson 1016 Lb/461 Kg Deadlift – World Record (Strongman)

Benedikt pulls a new strongman world record deadlift of 1016 Lb, with straps and 1ply suit, at Europe’s Strongest Man! Eddie Hall pulled the same weight, but dropped it at the top making it a no lift. HD Video: Video and Photo credit goes to Giants Live.

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Testing Phase Training: Conquer Weaknesses Through Self-Awareness

In this article, I’ll detail the components of a testing phase that I have used on a few lifters for whom I’ve programmed. First, a “testing phase” is simply a phrase that I use to delineate a mesocycle in which the lifter’s strengths and weaknesses are tested and evaluated. The developmental goal in this phase […]

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Zydrunas Savickas 500 Lb/227 Kg Log Press – World Record

Zydrunas Savickas has finally done it! A 500 Lb log press, setting a new world record once again. Big Z set the new world record during the 2014 Giants Live competition in Poland earlier this month. Congrats Big Z! Thanks to hastalles for the video find.

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Out of the Frying Pan & Into the Fire: A Pro’s Story of Injury and Triumph

So here I am in my immaculately clean (that’s a lie) apartment in northern Okayama Prefecture, somewhere in rural Japan between Osaka and Hiroshima. During one of the best parts of my day, my morning shower, I was pondering over the many injuries I’ve been rewarded with since I first began my quest at age […]

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Powerlifting and Philosophy III: What Michel Foucault Can Tell Us about Enforcing Rules in Powerlifting

It’s been a great many months since I’ve attempted to pen the third addition to a “Powerlifting and Philosophy” I started once upon a time. The premise of this series, originally, was to adopt different philosophical perspectives; these perspectives, I wagered, might shed new light on some of the most regularly debated (and admittedly tired!) […]

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World’s Strongest Man 2014 Results

Zydrunas Savickas wins the 2014 World’s Strongest Man, taking home his 4th WSM title! Final Official World’s Strongest Man Results: Zydrunas Savickas – 64 Hafthor Bjørnson – 63.5 Brian Shaw – 61 Mike Burke – 40 Terry Hollands – 38 Eddie Hall – 33 David Ostlund – 32 Warrick Brant – 29.5 Laurence Shahlaei – […]

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2014 Arnold Strongman Classic Results

With the heaviest dumbbell ever used in competition, and a possible deadlift over 1300 Lb, this years Arnold Strongman Classic is possibly one of the best.   This years Arnold Strongman Classic is dedicated to strongman Mike Jenkins, the 2010 Arnold Amateur Strongman Champion, and the 2012 Arnold Strongman Champion. Below you will find the […]

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Andrey Malanichev Answers Questions from Fans

Andrey was kind enough to perform a live AMA on Reddit during his stay in New York this past week following his world record performance. Andrey currently hold the highest raww powerlifting total with 2469.1 Lb, and the heaviest raw squat with wraps performed in competition with 1014 Lb. During the AMA Andrey covers topics […]

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Get Smart or GTFO: Essentials for Smart Training

I just read a small article written by amateur strongman Ryan Burgess recently on He was giving beginners advice on what not to do when getting into the sport of Strongman. He counted five things he himself was guilty of doing at the beginning, and told people that’s not the way to go. One […]

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The Art of the Sumo Deadlift – Part 2: Mobility

As a follow up to my well received article “The Art of The Sumo Deadlift- Part 1”. I am proud to call upon my good friend and training partner for assistance, who happens to have his Doctorate in Chiropractic. Through some collaboration we were able to put together some common trouble areas for lifters learning […]

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