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World’s Strongest Man 2013 Cliffs

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The final results for WSM are out. Brian Shaw took home first, with Big Z coming in second.


Final results:

  1. Brian – 51 points
  2. Zydrunas – 48 points
  3. Thor – 42 points
  4. Jenkins – 41 points
  5. Burke – 38.5 points
  6. Lalas – 34 points
  7. Terry – 31.5 points
  8. Johannes – 16 points
  9. Oberst – 14 points
  10. Misha – retired due to injury

You can find results for all events at

Post will be updated as videos and images come in.

Misha unfortunately had to retire after the first event in the final due to injury.

“It would be desirable to act in all exercises of the final, but apparently God knows best, that it was necessary for me today. Tore muscle on the first exercise. Thank God for all everything! This is competition and on them are sometimes personal injury. I thank my parents for the force and the nature of the faith that they have awarded. Thank you wife ,which as it could supported me at a distance. Thanks friends which trusted and trust in me as in the sportsman and the person.

PS we do conclusions, we analyze and we work further. Have to go home, the threshold of the car and put the thirtieth fly to Volgograd.”


Poundstone withdrew prior to WSM to allow his body to rest.

“I withdrew from worlds to allow my body to rest. After tearing my biceps in March and subsequently competing in Australia, I made the injury worse. My goal isn’t to just compete in WSM, I want to win and in order to win I need to be prepared. I wouldn’t be prepared next week. Next year I will be rested and prepared.”

Laurence Shahlaei had to retire prior to the finals due to a torn quad.

Mike Jenkins got sick and lost 20-lbs in 3 days just before competing in the Worlds Strongest Man. He was taking i.v drips to stay hydrated and won the last 2 events in preliminaries winning his group making it to finals, and taking home 4th.


Some bonus pictures:


One of the WSM groups after loading.

Vytautas Lalas

Vytautas Lalas


King of the stones 2013!! Hafthor Julius Bjornsson

King of the stones 2013!! Hafthor Julius Bjornsson


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