Strongest Powerlifters (Top 3 Highest Recent Raw Totals)


“Strongest” may be subjective, but these three lifters have have put up the highest raw totals most recently (as of 2013). Big thanks to etwade for putting together these videos, check out his youtube channel for more great videos!

#1 Andrey Malanichev

Total – 2359 lbs / 1070 kgs

  • Most known for his world record squat of 993lbs (450kg) in knee wraps

#2 Peter Petras

Total – 2326 lbs / 1055 kgs

etwade says: He BARELY misses his last deadlift with 400 kgs, which would put him at 1075 kgs (2365 lbs).

#3 Benedikt Magnusson

Total – 2298 lbs / 1042.5 kgs

  • Most know for his world record deadlift of 1015 lbs (460 kg). The first and only man (at this time) to ever deadlift over 1000 pounds without equipment.


If this list doesn’t seem accurate to you – who do you think deserves to be in the top 3?


      1. Karim el Ahwal

        bill kazmaier is not recent, besides he was a strongman for most of his competitive career

      1. MindofShadow

        I am not saying he shoukd be on the list just that he has the record (even if the lift was bogus, esp in comparison) and not anddey

    1. KyleKeough

      I think the purpose of these videos were to assemble the three biggest raw totals from the previous year, not to suggest that these are the top three raw totals of all time.

  1. gilbert

    i think larry pacifico for his balanced lifts and ed coan should be considered . but powerlifting equipment really developed after them . as super kaz was great too .

  2. Steve Mesler

    Don Reinhoudt holds the all time raw record
    2391 no wraps or supportive gear. He wore ace bandages. He’s the 4 time IPF world champion 3 time AAU Champion and won the worlds strongest man. He held all 4 of the 4 powerlifting records in his day. No list is correct without him. He still holds the raw squat record 934 lbs in 1975.

    1. stoplying

      You are so right. The new breed of powerlifters are so disappointing. They have compromised the sport to the point that its laughable.

    1. whicareaerdfad

      Coan didn’t total over 2400 pounds raw. All of his totals over 2400 pounds at least used a squat suite and some even used a bench shirt(granted when coan did use a bench shirt he got little from it)

  3. powerliftingtotalincomplete

    Doesn’t Mark Henry have a big powerlifting total. Should he not be number 2, or am I missing something.

  4. stoplying

    Not raw if you use knee wraps, another bullshit excuse for guys who want to think they are doing some thing there not. If your going to lift raw then lift raw period

  5. Per Andersson

    Doug Furnas did overall 2400 super strong guy passed away to early his squat and benchpress was insane
    Per Andersson Sweden

  6. gilbert

    savickacs total was 935 628 and 881 deadlift. he should and could have done 1005 . 700 and 940 . dead. raw.


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