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Prohormones 101


Notice: This information is for entertainment purposes only. Always see your Doctor first for any medical questions and usage of supplements! I am not held responsible for your actions or use of supplements!

Should I take prohormones?

In my personal opinion, you should not take pro-hormones until at least 20 year old and have been lifting or powerlifting for at least 2 to 3 full years (“on and off” doesn’t count!). You need to learn how to push your body. Once you hit that wall / plateau then you could possibly consider using a prohormone for the next 2 to 4 weeks, to get you past the hump. Once your past that hump, get off the prohormones and push your body again naturally until the next one. I have done this for many of years with great success. I have been powerlifting for well over 10+ years. Again, using PH’s is not for anyone new to the sport, and not for anyone under the age of 18 years old.


I get messages all the time from kids between the ages of 15 all the way to 19 asking what are the best supplants to take. Every time I tell them all they need at that age is a good base for training, good form for your lifts, you need to EAT, and take in protein around the clock and you will grow like a weed! They seem to get upset and think I’m lying; I can’t stress this enough THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH I promise you!!!! You don’t need anything as of yet! Earn your gains, if everything was handed to you in life so easy you would never appreciate the hard work and sacrifice you had to make to reach your goals!


Try this first for three years.

(More on Ernie Lilliebridge JR)

Which are the “best prohormones” to take?

They will all make you stronger, you will want to experiment with them one at a time. Don’t mix them, especially in the beginning. Some recommended off the website (in video) are:

  • Halodrol
  • Epistane
  • Halodrol / Epistane mix

Safety Precautions

You absolutely must drink a lot of water. No soda pop, no juice – only WATER!

If your just starting and you want to try out a PH you can take them up to 6 to 8 weeks, but you should work up slowly! Start with 1/2 or 1/3rd of the recommended dose on the bottle. See how that works out for you, and by the next week you can increase closer to the recommended dose. Go slow and feel things out, the PH’s are very powerful. TAKE IT SLOW, it is not safe to take increased an increased dose. More is NOT better!

Always take a cycle assist

You can visit your local stores where you can find milk thistle and hawthorne berries to take around the clock while drinking water. You need to make sure you keep cleansed because the PH’s are very potent and can toxify you very quickly!

How long, how often, and time between? (Cycling prohormones)


  • 4 weeks on = 4-6 weeks off
  • 8 weeks on = 12 weeks minimum off

You want to make sure your body is cleaned out. Don’t take them back to back to back or you will burn out. Again, more is not better – it’s WORSE!

Post cycle therapy (PCT) starts immediately after you come off the hormones. Take it for 30 days to re-balance your body’s natural hormones.

Side-note: If you are using an inject-able testosterone you can still use PH’s. Don’t take them very long, 3-4 weeks and get off. This would be used for peaking in strength maybe 3-4 weeks away from a meet, and you will not need a PH PCT.


Estrogen blockers

High dosing can cause estrogen buildup. To help with this, you may use anastrozole, letrozole, nolvadex, or tamafoxin and you can take these while your on a PH, and can cycle them. I would recommend taking it maybe 3 days out of the week with a very low dose. You don’t need the full 1ml dose, you can cut it to .5ml or .25ml because it will dry your joints if you take too much of it.

You could take the nolvadex or tamafoxin everyday. It won’t hurt strength but it will block the receptor from binding with estrogen


Listen to your body, keep and eye on your blood pressure every week. It will go up and then drop back down and return to normal once you come off .


  1. Awesome article. I have a few questions if anyone is still moderating this article.

    I’m starting Epi and Alpha Mass this month, I was wondering how much and long I should dose A-dex for. I also am not sure on what I should use with my PCT, i.e. Tamoxifen? Exemestane? And how much and when i should dose this in my PCT.

  2. noooooo too young for that shuit..just lift and eat dude..your hormones are fine now.

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