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Benedikt Magnusson’s Training Leading Up to His 1015 Deadlift – Part 2

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Part Two of Benedikt Magnusson’s 1015 pound Deadlift Phase

(Click for part one)

Part 2 – Musclebuilding Phase:

In this Phase I just apply bodybuilding. But after a few weeks, I might introduce a little bit of the Peak Phase into it until the final change.

I thought of explaining the Muscle building Phase and the Peaking Phase as the same era of training. But they differ so much in the body shape you achieve that I decided to explain it separately and explain better how and why they merge for some period of time. Do not worry if this is not a typical bodybuilder training cycle. Its aimed for deadlift primarily.


6 training days a week – APPROXIMATELY – with 1 resting day

3 training days in a row and rest a day as a cycle.

Day one:

I warm up with a squat using the same method as in the Pre-Conditioning Phase.

Hold bar. Go slowly down, then almost jump on the way up.

Body is used to NEW posture and should go automatically into the right stance. (If you do not go in the right stance and feel balanced there, warm up until you do with very light weight.)

When the movement feels sharp, fast, and energetic – Go up in 3 reps

Weight Increase examples:

100kg (220lb) x 3, 3-4 sets

140kg (308lb) x 3, 1 set

180kg (396lb) x 3, 1 set

220kg (484lb) x 3, 1 set

**NOTE!! This is early in Musclebuilding phase. Muscle mass has been spent achieving condition in Pre-Conditioning phase. SO goal weight is 260kg (572lb) for 8 reps. NEVER LOCK UP UNLESS YOU ARE TIRED!!**

**A non lockup squat like Ronnie Coleman does…**

Example: 260kg (572lb) x 8 reps with LOCK UP at rep 5 to catch breath, I breathe and do the 3 extra reps then LOWER the weight to 220kg (484lb) and do 8 CONTINUOUS REPS non lockup.

Afterward go for Leg Extensions – DO NOT COUNT REPS go by the PUMP FEELING

THE PUMP – MY THEORY! – non factual !!!!

I feel that it is taken for granted. Easy to get a “pump” – have an artifical anabolic state and grow muscle BUT I FEEL if it is NOT DONE by precise feeling you will have far more chance of injury.

What works without the artificial anabolic state will make your new musclemass much stronger. Is to never go OVER the pump.

Don’t completely erect your legs. Just pump blood into them, for strength… never struggle at it to much, just use sharp precise movements.

When you get the pain. STOP. And when I say pain… I mean that uncomfort… not the exhaustion feeling.

**Feel the pain. Control it. Know it. Be aware of it. And make it yours. Like it ! **

Then… you will all of the sudden… feel every single layer of your muscles… how the tendons are moving:

Are they dry, wet, swollen or stuffed with static energy?

Are they grown together, injured or moving freely?

Long story short… pump your quads for a few sets. 😉

I do this because on day 3 is some deadlift, and It makes your body also used to the pressure on your quads and forces your ass to strengthen.


Day two:

Build up what wasn’t recovering fast enough since my last peak, or last competition preparation. In my case this was my chest, triceps and lateral muscles.

Benchpress: 20-60-100kg (44lb, 132lb, 220lb) warmup, Maybe 120kg (264lb) for 3-8reps or so, or just get it a little pumped. Not to much yet as it is important not to round your shoulders forward.

Standing behind the neck presses: with a barbell 20-60-100kg (44lb, 132lb, 220lb) for reps – pumping.

Millitary presses: 20-60-100kg (44lb, 132lb, 220lb) pumping never over 8 reps. Increase the speed or lower the weight if you are not getting a pump at

Lateral raises: front deltoid raises, rear deltoid raises.

Serious pull downs: 5 sets increasing the weight every time.

Afterwards comes the two vital parts:

The muscle buildup for your pecs and lats,

Shortening of one of our triceps muscle fastener.

cable cross in very short quick movements not bending down put aiming at the place you will usually tear when not used to Benedikts deadlift workload. Just pump it to the strength feeling.

Straight arm pulldown: method of shortening a part of my triceps, so I dont go for the pump or strength feeling, but something I call the the shortening… I will stretch it well forward… pull back and stop there for a little bit untill I feel the muscle over contract. The same feeling as when you flex your bicep but move it to much inwards.

With this .. I am pulling my posture back, and helping reduce the daily basis of pain that comes with growing your rear deltoid. This will result in a future effortless lockup in the deadlift. It will never be a problem, and will happen so fast you wont even notice it happening.


Day three: DeadLift day and back

120kg (264lbs) 4 sets, 6-12 reps warmup

160kg (352lbs) 3 sets, 5 reps pumped.

200kg (440lbs) 5 reps

240kg (528lbs) 5reps.

Then down to 120kg (264lbs) again for a set of maybe 8-12reps.

Then I use the same bar and weights to do some barbell rows off a platform.

I normally do about 3-5 sets of 5 reps only, and increase the weight as I get better.

After that I do some Dumbbell rows heavy for 4-8 sets – try to build a lot of tissue on the upper back.

**Notice that I did do pulldowns the day before. And remember that they were aimed to an antagonist assistant for recovering my over forwarded shoulders.**

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