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Brandon Lilly Interview

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LIFT: Can you introduce your self and tell us a little bit about you?

I am the creator of the Cube Method, and currently train at Berea Barbell in Berea, KY. I have trained at some of the world’s best powerlifting gyms including Westside Barbell, Lexen Xtreme, and Guerrilla Squad Barbell. As of this publishing I hold the number one ranking in both the 308, and Super Heavy Weight Raw, with Knee Wraps, divisions with 2105 lbs. (308), and 2204 lbs. (SHW, which is also tied for 16th All-Time regardless of weight class). i also hold the number six ranking with 2530 lbs. amongst Multi-Ply Lifters.

I love to read, I am extremely interested in history, and I love biographies. I don’t watch very much TV, but I do admit if it’s on I am hooked to the Food Network. I like cooking, and finding good restaurants in places you wouldn’t expect. I like most sports, and I love Micro-Brewed beer.

I am 6’0 tall, and I weigh anywhere from 305-325 lbs. Currently 305.

My best lifts raw are 826 lbs. in the squat, 573 lbs. in the bench, and 804 lbs. in the deadlift. Best Multi-Ply Lifts are 1005 lbs. squat, 820 lbs. bench.

Surprisingly my background in athletics began with basketball, and soccer earning honors on the Soccer pitch, it was my quest for a scholarship that lead me to the weight room, beginning my strength journey. After high school I took my talents to Berea College in Berea, KY and was a successful Track and Field athlete in both the Shot Put, and the Hammer. Coached by Hall of Fame Mike Johnson, I was further encouraged to pursue weight training, which is how I discovered powerlifting. I started doing well in the gym and lost interest in anything else but that. The rest is history.

Since creating the Cube Method and watching it evolve with my own training, my teammates, and my trainees, I have dedicated myself to making others better.


LIFT: What makes the cube method different from other training methods?

I have been training the Cube for the last year. It allowed me to hit my greatest total in gear at 2530 lbs., and then in a 6 month window I totaled 2105, then 2138, and most recently 2204 raw with knee wraps. The great thing about the Cube is it is a building template. The only pressure to hit a PR in the squat, bench, or deadlift falls on the platform. So for your entire cycle you are trying to hit PR’s for reps, on odd exercises, just anything that shows progress, and that is what prepares you for meet day. It’s the idea of building the perfect weapon then shooting it.


LIFT: Your e-book on the cube method will be released soon. When and where will individuals be able to purchase it?

My e-book will be available Dec. 11th, 2012. It will be available for purchase through


LIFT: What made you make the switch from geared to raw lifting?

It wasn’t so much of a switch as it was that I had stopped training how I used to, and started doing “bodybuilding” type training to fix some weaknesses. I tried some squats and deadlifts raw and it shocked me how weak I had gotten. I decided right then I needed to do better and what better motivation than a meet? I set a goal and ran with it.


LIFT: What accessory movements do you feel have had the most carry over to the main lifts?

  • Squat- The squat, nothing else builds it up like squatting.
  • Bench- I love floor presses they help me a lot.
  • Dead- I firmly believe in Snatch Grip Deadlifts. Since adding these my deadlift has gone from 725 to 804 raw.


LIFT: What are your most memorable lifting moments thus far?

To date it has to be doing the XPC Semi-Final Raw, and The Supertraining meet Raw back to back weekends and PR’ing in both.


LIFT: What powerlifter do you feel has influenced you the most?

From an icon type approach, Bill Kazmaier, Doug Young, and Chuck Vogelpohl. Those guys are my heroes. I trained with Chuck and he never became anything less, it only furthered him as a legend in my mind.


LIFT: What feat of strength are you looking to accomplish (in the future)?

I want to be well rounded. I want people to respect that I love all aspects of strength, and I want to compete in strongman again, the Highland games, and a dream of mine is to do a weightlifting competition.


LIFT: What lift are you most proud of?

Definitely the 804 deadlift. I was told by many I would never get that one… Well, I did.


LIFT: What qualities do you feel make a top lifter?

It’s nothing tangible, it is something inside, a self-respect/self-hatred that pushes you onward. Also an undying devotion to it. I have been lifting for nearly 15 years, and sometimes wrongfully I have put powerlifting as a priority. Just be consistent with your workouts, and never miss.


LIFT: What would you like to see change in powerlifting?

I want strength to be the focus again. Not trying to gain more pounds on your total by gaining weight, and getting tighter gear. Get stronger and the lifts will go up as well. I love this sport and want it to grow.


LIFT: Do you have any meets planned for the upcoming year?

I will do 2-3 meets. I haven’t made solid plans thus far but The Arnold is first up and I’m qualified for it so I will most likely be there.


Brandon’s Super Training Meet November 3, 2012

Brandon’s Youtube:

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