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Please take a glance over the rules. Not abiding by the rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban.

A Few Simple Rules...

There will be NO:

  • Links or posts regarding buying or selling illegal drugs.
  • Full nudity or pornographic content.
  • Vulgar, threatening, or abusive behavior outside of the proper off-topic section.
  • Spam / Promotion of products, services, or websites unless given specific permission from a staff member.
  • Blogs created for hidden agendas or abuse. These free sites are reserved for lifters.
In brief, LIFT is a spot for quality information and positive helpful feedback. This is not the proper place for spamming or promoting without permission.

NOTE: Some of our members like to search the forums at work, or in public locations. So please use "NSFW" in topic titles where topics are not safe for work.

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