Ben Puccio (181) 1710 Lb Total Without Wraps – World Record

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Ben Puccio set an all new all time world record total of 1710 Lb at 181 without wraps going 6/9 on attempts. He broke Jamie Lewis’ previous total by 5 Lb. Congrats Ben!

  • Squat – 610 Lb
  • Bench – 440 Lb
  • Deadlift – 660 Lb

I went into the day feeling drained since I didn’t make weight till 9pm the night before but definitely satisfied with the outcome. Broke the all time world record at 181 raw no knee wraps but I feel I left alot on the platform and I’ll be busting my ass to up the standard asap. Competing at Raw Unity 8 & maybe 1 or 2 in between since I left too much on the platform. Gunning for that 1800+ 10x bw belt only walked out total!!!!!

Thanks to my boy Jeff Josselyn for getting vids & my twin bro Luke Luk Puccio for the coaching and cut prep and everyone else who came out to watch me do what I love.

Here’s the link to the full vid there is no video captions & lifts are as follows:

  • Squat 580/610/630x (reds on depth)
  • Bench 410/440/450x (reds on butt)
  • Dead 620/660/700x (failed no vid)


One Comment

  1. Mike Barrett

    Wow, what a freakin’ animal! Good luck on getting 10X BW man! Badass music at the meet too. I need to start squatting to the Green Manalishi…


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