Brandon Lilly Knee Injury at the LA Fit Expo


Brandon was competing at the USPA American Cup at the LA Fit Expo when he injured his knee during his 3rd squat attempt of 744 Lb in sleeves. According to viewers Brandon’s knee buckled underneath him, and an audible pop was heard.brandon1

Brandon is currently at the hospital getting his knee injury assessed.

According to Chad Wesley Smith, Brandon has broken his left knee cap in half, and there is likely ligament damage in both knees.

Brandon Lilly will undergo surgery this morning [January 27] to repair meniscus, patella tendon and quad tendon tears in both legs, as well as an ACL tear and totally fractured (like in 2 very distinct pieces) patella in the left leg.

From Brandon Lilly himself:

First I want to than Steve Denison for the invitation to compete in such a great event. Second congrats to Daniel Green for yet another World Record.

On my squat as I descended my left knee popped wildly, and gave out, causing similar strain to the right leg. Thank everyone of the crew onstage, and EMT’s on the scene.

As of right now without surgery I’d never walk again as I sheared my ACL, meniscus, patella, tore both quad tendons, and MCL in both knees and the knee cap in my left knee will be replaced. I go in for surgery in 10-15 minutes, I just wanted to thank every single person for the comments, status updates, texts, and emails. This is just a bump in the road.

I have one of the best knee surgeons in the US. Say a prayer or keep me in your thoughts… I appreciate you all very much, and I’ll see you on the flip side.

Update as of January 29th:

“Brandon Lilly is going in for another surgery today. His doctor suspects that his patella was actually broken before Sunday’s incident. This would prevent it from healing correctly, so they are going in to remove the smaller broken piece. I will report more when I know it.” – Juggernaut Training Systems

Update as of January 30th:

Brandon Lilly underwent another surgery last night to fortify the repair of his broken left patella. It went well. – Juggernaut Training Systems

Update from Brandon Lilly:

Just a brief update. Got to get out of bed once, and out a chair today. Did some rounds of very small ankle, and hip rolling type movements. Being bed ridden is mentally tough, but today was a good day and tomorrow should be better.

Left leg can tolerate 25% load,right leg close to 50%. Any movement will be with a walker for a few weeks. Thanks for the messages, and well wishes it definitely helps.

Update as of February 2nd:

Brandon Lilly is on a plane headed back to Kentucky. He is excited to head home and looking forward to tackling the rehab journey! – Juggernaut Training Systems


Update as of February 12th:

Brandon’s first day back in the gym –

Weights felt heavy, but that’s to be expected. Day 1… Done.

Incline Bench
135 x 8-10 x 5
185 x 8-10 x 5

Tricep Press
5 x 10

Bicep Curls
30 x 10 x 5 sets

Band Pushdowns
50 reps

Lat Pulldowns
4 x 12

Calf Raise/Ankle Mobility
50 reps

Ab Twist

3 x 25

Update as of February 17th:

Doctors appointment went great this morning. We are very confident in a full recovery. Timeline is still shaping up, but the outlook is very, very good!!!!

We will update the post with new information as it becomes available.

Hoping for a speedy recovery Brandon!



  1. Brandon

    Looks like he is in good spirits. He says he might be doing bench only for awhile. That could be interesting, I could see him pressing some insane numbers.

      1. Mark

        The kids were a mile away from the weight, and looked like they weighed 150 each. No excuses even for a catastrophic. Guys could die with spotting like that.

        1. MindofShadow

          I mean, yeah they should have been in a little better position probably, but all that would have resulted is them being crushed by weight as well. In this instance.

          Oh, and name someone who died in a pl meet please.

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