Richard Hawthorne (130) 561 Lb Squat – World Record CAPO Nationals

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Richard Hawthorne is a new world record squat holder with 561 Lb at 130 with wraps. According to Jason Manenkoff, this broke Mike Bookers 551 Lb squat from 2002 during an AAU meet. Congrats Richard!

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    correction… it was Bookers by default since his unwrapped record trumps the highest wrapped squat which was Joe Morrow’s 530 in the SquatHighFederation. The total of 1435 belongs to a russian IPF lifter from 2012 1425 but again the unwrapped record trumps the wrapped. A 566 for richard will tie it but IMO to trump that record a 600 pull to take his total to 1469…… that’d be simply amazing…


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