Brad Gillingham 826 Lb/375 Kg Deadlift

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Brad Gillingham competed at the IPF Worlds this past week and grabbed himself the gold! He finished off the day with an 826 Lb deadlift.

I am happy to report that I was the 2013 IPF Classic World Champion in Suzdal, Russia this past weekend. My 3rd Open World Championship and 6th including 3 Masters. The Victory almost did not happen. I finished my heavy Bench training very well with 3×485-490-495-500-505 on the Monday the week before I left. Following light squats on Friday before I left I did my usual speed bench workout. I only was going to do 8 doubles with 400. These are very easy and fast. On my second set I strained my upper pec. I tried to loosen it up with 315 Sunday before I left and I had a lot of pain. It was in knots. I was not very happy during my travel to Russia. I found a Russian massage therapist at the health club attached to the hotel. Through broken communication I had treatments the 3 days prior to the meet. Following the 3rd day he told me “yesterday and yesterday no goot…today veddy goot.” I lowered opener to 474 and used very slow close grip. Almost like triceps presses low on rib cage. I was scared to say the least but went 474-495-507. Pushed them up like a couple pistons. I finished bench with what I wanted to start with but still happy with results, and no further injury to chest. Prior to benching I squatted very conservative not wanting to try to do too much under tough conditions-650-677-694. Sitting in 5th after the bench my opening pull of 771 put me in second and then I went real conservative with 804 to secure the win and then 826 to finish the day.

Thanks for all your support!

Brad Gillingham

Brad Gillingham

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  1. MindofShadow

    One of the GOATs!

    Ridiculous how little bench is in those bars… you see non-ipf meets and the bar is to the knees before it breaks the floor lol


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