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World Record Bench Press (Raw) 722 Lbs by Eric Spoto


Here’s Eric Spoto smashing the world record raw bench press with 722 Lbs!  After many unsuccessful attempts, the original record of 715 held by Scot Mendelson has finally fallen. Congratulations to Eric!

Video of Eric’s 722 Lb attempt produced by Jim McDonald:

(Video recorded by Jim McDonald. Subscribe to his channel for a high quality version shortly!



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Comments (5)

  • thetruth December 17, 2014

    here you go kids...see what juice, hard work, juice, hard work, and juice will do for you?!

  • MindofShadow May 21, 2013

    Pretty sweet.

  • Brandon5 May 19, 2013

    Check out what Mendelson had to say: Congratulations Eric! You have worked hard and you deserve all the glory. I remember when we first met on Vegas. You have come a long way. I always said that you would be the one to break my record when we worked together. Well I guess I was right. Congrats champion!

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