Siamand Rahman 320kg (705lbs) Bench Press – RAW! (MISLABELED – Actually 300 kg)


Edit: This video has been confirmed mislabeled! Siamand has since removed the orignal facebook video he uploaded with the mislabeling. Furthermore, the new world record is now recently claimed by Eric Spoto.

Iranian Paralympic powerlifter, +100kg class, bench presses a smooth 705  (660) pound raw bench press. The current world record as you may know is set at 715 by Scot Mendelson! How incredible would that be, a Paralympic lifter surpassing the 715lb mark with no leg drive!

Edit: (300 kg)

As well as some footage of 672 lbs!


  1. mlekava

    This crushes the 715 on so many levels – No liftoff, crazy pause, NO LEGS ffs! I agree with meat – pretty much most impressive bench lift….ever!

  2. JamesD

    Impressive for sure, way up there with the top benchers of all time; but that’s not 705lbs, unless you have some sort of proof, by the lifting event. There are 10 reds on there, 2 greens, 2 blacks, 2 collars; now, I’m no wizard, but that is not 705 lbs.

    If there were 12 reds + 2 greens + 2 blacks + 2collars that would be a lot more than 705.
    They wouldn’t use 2 greens if they have a blue, and finally, drum roll, the area green isn’t thick enough for there to be 2 greens on there.


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