Rubish’s Ramblings (Haters, Enhancement, and Getting What You Want)

Editors note: We recently had a talk with Pete Rubish asking him to give us a piece of his mind. We want to know just what makes a guy that throws around 800+ pounds tick. His views, opinions, and philosophy. Here’s what he had to say.


Internet form police

It’s 2013 and the form police are more prevalent than ever. They’re out in full force and I don’t see this trend declining at any point soon. You’ve stepped in the gym for two years straight on a consistent basis and while that’s awesome, that doesn’t mean you now have the right to critique those way stronger than yourself. If you’re giving advice to someone who looks they could fucking eat you, youimpossible squat probably should shut up. I’ve been in this game for seven years, and you don’t see me critiquing anyone stronger than me. It’s funny how that works. It’s never the people stronger than you who talk shit, and tell you how much you suck, and why your form is bad, and why you’re a bad person who’s going to hell because you don’t eat your vegetables. It’s never the guy with the smoking hot girlfriend who’s making a living off his success that will tell you you’re a piece of crap and you’ll be dead in ten years, and the only reason you can lift heavy is because of the hormones you take.

What it takes to get to the Top

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. Almost everybody (like 99%) of people at the top of ANY sport, whether it’s the Olympics, the NFL, the MLB, etc are in some way taking performance enhancing drugs. Wake the fuck up! The Easter Bunny and Santa Clause aren’t real either! I know it’s tough to accept, but instead of looking at it like it’s all drugs, realize that everyone’s on an even playing field and the guys at the top are at the top for a reason. Whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, genetics play a HUGE role, along with someone’s own attitude. Being a crazy motherfucker who has “more guts than brains” will get you far in life.

morning lemmings

I’ll never be able to join the ranks of the walking dead of society without putting a bullet through my head first. I just can’t do it. I’m not geared that way. I’ve always had a few screws loose, but that’s what makes me good at what I do. I remember listening to a Louie Simmons interview where he said “normal people will get you normal results. That’s all they’re good for.” It’s so true though. On those sets that everyone calls me out on where my back is about to snap in half and my squats have turned into a good morning, I keep going because I’m just a little off in the head. I’m crazy. I’m nuts. I’m intense. All the qualities that will take you places in life. Shit, we’re all going to die someday. Take a motherfucking shot while you still can.

Our society is turning into a world of zombies. We make the 45 minute commute to work, work an 8-5, make the 45 minute commute back home, sit in front of the television for 3 hours. Go to sleep and do it all over again, all the while the clock is ticking and your life is slowly passing you by. You can identify these people by the dead look in their eyes as their ambitions and passions they once had have been chiseled away until there’s nothing left. And god forbid you’re not politically correct and you offend someone.

Get after it

Pete Rubish 815x2

That world record you want. It’s waiting for you to take it. That hot blonde with the big tits who you see everyday in class. Yeah, she’s waiting for you to come up and make her life interesting. You see what I’m getting at? Everything you want in life is waiting for you to come and get it, to make it happen. It’s not just going to happen on its own by you sitting back and saying “oh, it can wait ‘till tomorrow.” No man, that’s another day of stagnating, of jerking off behind your computer, of being a weak piece of shit who can’t even defend himself should someone punch you in the face. Get after it now, today. Live your life with no apologies.

Pete Rubish

I’m six feet tall, 230 pounds, and have been competing in the 242 pound weight class for powerlifting. My best lifts in competition are a 661 pound squat with no knee wraps, a 352 pound bench press, and a 777 pound deadlift.

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  1. kobus

    Fuck the haters.
    Give them no attention,
    Keep posting your vids , they are awsome!
    And fkn inspiriational.
    Thank to you i squat every day accept on 2 upperbodydays.
    And yes, you can squat every day.
    Keep going strong Pete!

  2. Josh Jagodzinski

    I feel like this article was written by a fucking retard. Was this written by a retard? Is Pete a retard?

    1. anonymous_burn

      I feel like this comment was written by a fucking retard. Was this written by a retard? Are you a retard?

  3. Dude

    “If you’re giving advice to someone who looks they could fucking eat you, you probably should shut up.”

    Good advice.

  4. McDeezed

    Good article Pete and nice work at the Backyard Lift of the century. However I’m calling total garbage on your POV; you’re a 21 year old. Finish university and get a real job and some responsibilities before you start hating on the current state of the world- which it seems you know A LOT ABOUT. Your article really resonates with bro’s at the gym but for any one older seems to be written by an angry internet kid who lost his most recent COD match. While I admire your lifts, guys like Ben Rice/Bryce Lewis lift naturally- unlike yourself- any reason why your juicing at such a young age and use juicing as an example as what separates you from the rest of the public is entirely laughable?


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