Scot Mendelson 716 LB World Record Raw Bench Attempt


Scot Mendelson attempting to break his own world record (715 pounds) at the Supertraining March Madness Meet. Unfortunately the record is left unbroken on this day – but for how long?

First Attempt – 644

Second Attempt – 716 (World Record)

Third Attempt – Pass

If you watch the video closely on the second attempt, it looks like you can see the pec tear. (thanks @hastalles for pointing this out)

(Better quality video from Jim McDonald)

scot mendelson pec tear

UPDATE March 10th, 2014:

It’s been almost a year since Scot’s pec tear when attempting to break the world record bench press. Will he be attempting to break Spoto’s 722 Lb bench in the near future?

I’m back and strong as ever. My team with Sam Rhino has helped me come back with a vengeance. Next weekend the 15th in fresno. The APF California State championships. Stay tuned!


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